Saturday, July 24, 2010

You could probably call it a slight obsession...

A few month's ago my friend Tony introduced me to these animals they call "Micro pigs"
They are pigs that stay small and they are the most adorable things ever!
And now they are selling them at the pet stores near me.
Yeah...they're 400 dollars but TOTALLY WORTH IT!
So I've been begging my parents to get one. I'll pay for it myself and everything. Me and my mom went to the pet store and saw two and they were the most adorable little guys I've ever seen and they made cute little snorts but they were to young to sell, plus I didn't have enough money. My mom is on my side but my dad says I have to wait until my chinchilla Techno dies. Now that's just rediculous.
On the way home from the pet store my mom says "Ohmygosh, if you get a piggy it'll be just like Charlotte's web, you just need to name him Wilbur!"
How bout I don't compare myself to a spider in a child's movie...thanks.
I want to name him Oliver.
*cough* not after Oli Sykes or anything *cough*
I really do like that name Oliver though...
Question- If I name my pet pig Oliver, does that mean I can't name my first born son Oliver?
Hrmm. I guess that'd be wrong....maybe I should reconsider the pig's name.

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