About Charlie.

Here's some shit about mee.
My name is Charlotte, but I'm not real into that. So you can just call me Charlie(:
I have a lot of feelings I hide from people and that's why I made this blog because they wil slowly start pooring out. And who else to confide in but strangers!
Here's some people you will most likely end up reading about.
My Family:
Mom (Susanne) : My friends think she is so nice and funny but behind closed doors she can really be a bitch but I do love her so muchh.
Dad (Chris) :We arn't that close, we have the same sense of humor and are veryy sarcastic with each other. He's pretty cool though.
Jill: Older sister, 20 years old. She's the closest one to me in my family. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was about 12. That's that hardest thing my family has had to deal with. Maybe I'll write about it. She's hilarious though.
Shawn: Younger brother, 10 years old. Pretty cool. Bugs me but isn't that what he's supposed to do. Probably gonna grow up to be gay.
Haley: Younger sister, 7 years old. She can be crazy. She basically just like Rose but smaller. She can be so cute.
My boyfriend:
Will: I fucking love him! We've been going out since March 19th, 2009 and I swear I'm in love. May just be crazy teenage love but he's my first reallll boyfriend. Like I've had others, but once they got to attached I would end it. But not Will.
Anything else you need to know just askk.
You can even email me at : charlieoles@hotmail.com

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