Sunday, October 3, 2010


I live in a christian home and I go to church every Sunday, but i've came to realize I don't believe in any of it.

Now to anyone reading this I don't want to offend you if you are a believer.
I just don't believe that there is some higher being that put us on this Earth, and even if there is, why should we live our lives devoted to him? Praising him, confessing in him, what's the point?

I do pray, I pray when I'm in trouble and I need an escape but what is praying going to do?
Maybe help you feel better or confident, but what if it doesn't work out?
Are you going to blame god?

The bible is a whole different thing.
I don't believe in what the bible is saying at all.
People say it's God's word, it's his will and testimony.
If it's his word then why did like 40 different people write it?
How do they know what God wants?

Clearly I'm not very organized with my thoughts.
What do you think? Feedback is great.


  1. well charlie i get your point in a weird way and thats your oppinion to but how you live you life is totally on you he gave us a choice to do what we want or waht we think is right so just do what you think is right and maybe it well benifit you in the end. who really knws till you get there :D

  2. no problem oh i was looking at my comments and one said that ur a vegetarian too! thats amazing i have another veghead friend lol

  3. Hi Charlote!

    I read your post and kind of understand your doubts. I am a Christian and believe in the Bible but for a long time I didnt believe all of it. Then I did some research and learned many interesting things that helped me to understand it better. I don't blame you for not understanding it but, you know, it's very important that you seek the answers. God answered mine little by little.
    There is a video that answered most of my questions. It's a bit long but is really good. Pop some popcorn and enjoy it. I hope it helps you.

    see ya

  4. I completely agree with you. Something may exist, but it also might not. I'm more inclined to believe in science, even though they've been proven wrong time after time.

    Just believe in yourself and you'll do great. Following and looking forward to more.

  5. cool i have a veg friend too...follow my blog charlie