Monday, August 30, 2010

Am I the only onee

who is fucking excited for school!?

I'm so done with summer and I just want it to startt.
I love going to school
-it makes me feel produtive
-I can see my friends again
-Meet my new teachers
-Agendaa bookss.

I love it:D

The best part of going back to school is the school suppliess.
i went down stairs yesterday and saw a Staples magazine and was filled with excitement.
50 cent notebooks! It feels sooo righttt.
I lovee writing on the first page of unwritten notebook paperr.

Then you get to buy new school clothes (my school doesn't have uniform THANKGOD)
I'm gonna try and go to Old Navy this week because they make me happy:D

PLus this year I have Junior Prom which means

Clearly I get excited easily.
But I feel like that can be a good thing right?


  1. I agree with every single thing here.

    1.) New Agenda books and notebooks = LOVEEE
    2.) Friends? What friends? Pah, I kid.
    3.) I love feeling productive as long as the workload isn't too heavy because I'm super lazzzyy like that. :)

  2. Rightt! It's like a whole new meaning to life!
    Ahahha okay so it's not that bigga deal.
    But it's still amaizng.

  3. Kind of makes my life.
    My friends think I've finally gone insane.
    But who needs friends when you have Staples? :D

  4. It's okay Staples, i'll never leave youu. You're the only one I've ever truely loved!

  5. ha ha wow your funny and iwas sooo excited for school to at first i was like yay summer! but half way in i was soooo tired of it!! and soo readdy for school!!! hope we can be friends oh my name is isabella check mine out at talk to you later!:D

  6. haha I totally agree! I get so bored during the summer and I can't wait to be busy again :P