Sunday, July 25, 2010

So last nightt....

I can't even sort out all that happened but here goess.
But you won't think it's as funny as I do.
So me, Jenna, and Alice stayed over Ariel's house last night because her dad and sister were away and her mom wanted people in the house....or else she would have slept with a hammer.
Anyway, so we get there and watch Digrassi for a while. And make a shit load of food including rice, mac and cheese, brownies, and dip.
And Ariel was the one who made the rice and Mac&cheese and it was hardly cooked.
So eventually we're like "Hey guys, we need to do something crazy"
So Jenna says "Well this rice is really fucking nasty....why don't we fling it on someone's house"
Yeah, that does seem like an idiot of an idea but we did it anyway.
So we bring all the nasty food in the kitchen and mix the rice, mac&cheese, dip, and anything else nasty in her fridge into a bowl, wrap our faces in scarves, put on cowboy hats, and each grab a spatula.
We head out and Ariel suggests we fling it at her ex-boyfriends apartment window.
To get there we had to walk down a major street at 2 am ducking cop cars wearing scarves and cowboy hats and holding spatulas.
We get to the apartment building and all of us but Ariel pussy out so we watch her run through and almost empty parking lot and poor the nastyness all over the steps to his apartment and she waddles back to us and we run cracking up back to her house.
Then we decide we want to do some prank phone calls so we whip out a phone book and start calling random numbers.
Here's onee.
Me: Hellllo theree, is Naomi there?
Naomi:Sorry sweety, you have the wrong number.
Me:Are ou suree Naomi.
Naomie:Yes *hangs up*
Ariel: *redials*
Ariel:Hey Naomi! You wouldn't believe what just happened!
Naomi:You have the-
Ariel:I just called some number and a bitchy man answered and I swore it was you for the longest time.
So after that we called peple and left them Naomi's number telling them to call us back. Yeahh, he's gonna get some weird ass phone will most be like "Hey Naomi, I'm calling for sexy talk *Purrs*"
Another guy was named Leonard, who sounded like 50. He was a creeep. Jenna called and sung to him and he like moans into the phone and is like mmm so nice, and she passes the phone to Ariel who asks him if he has to give up one of his ball which one would it be, and hes like I don't know... and she's like, must send me one of your balls. Then she's like, call me back for some nasty talk. My name is Naomi call me at *Naomi's number* And hung up.
Pretty muchh...
Then Alice started to fall asleep so I put whipped cream on her leg and she got really pissed and came at me.
That basically all that happened.
But you don't care.


  1. ahh, i laughed so hard.
    prank calls are the best:)